Valve Distribution Agreement

Tags AAA Develop Newsletter Lead Distribution Agreement Indie MCV Newsletter Lead Profit Share Steam valve Steam does not allow you to remove your game from its platform for an exclusive agreement with Epic Games or a PC Games Store, nor delay Steam releases for an exclusive contract with other commercial platforms. Steam and Epic Games are fighting in the PC video game market. Steam, a sales platform of Valve Corporation, has seen many of its AAA partners change in the Epic Games store. Games like 4A`s Metro series and Ubisofts The Division, Ghost Recon and Assassin Creed will no longer be available on Steam. While Valve has hardly recognized EGS this year, a section of steam`s developers` distribution agreement and publishers appears to link to a release parity agreement, meaning that all games, updates, and DLCs must be released simultaneously with (or before) launching on other platforms on Steam. As Glass Bottom Games founder and developer behind SkateBIRD Megan Fox said in a tweet over the weekend: „Other companies that ask for it are actually paying developers a little bit to consent.“ Thanks to the update to Valve`s Steam distribution agreement, Valve was able to prevent the red Dead Redemption 2 exclusivity from lasting more than 30 days. If this agreement hadn`t already been in effect, it`s hard to know how long Red Red Redemption 2 would have been delayed on Steam. The reasons for Steam`s delay in Red Dead Redemption 2 are obvious. Rockstar and its publisher Take-Two Interactive want a larger share of their game`s sales. With Steam, Valve takes a 30% discount from early sales, Epic Games 12% and Rockstars Game Launcher gets a 100% discount, minus the platform`s running costs. The late release on Steam ensures that Rockstar/Take-Two gets a more significant average of the initial sale value of Red Dead Redemption 2. In the Epic Games Store, Rockstar Games receives 25% more money per sale than the Steam version of the game, provided the two storefronts are equal.. .

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