Atco Electric Crossing Agreement

As an electricity supply company, you can count on us. Use the phone numbers or online form below to contact us. Manuals, forms, worksheets and utility adaptation agreements used by engineering consultants mandated by Alberta Transportation. If Alberta One-Call locates a high-pressure pipeline on your property, it will be listed on your location bulletin. If you plan to dig within 30 m of the track, you will need a crossing or proximity agreement before you start digging. The ATCO Electric sales fees you see on your monthly bill from your energy distributor are regulated by the Alberta Utilities Commission. For energy efficiency tips and information on reducing your electricity consumption, visit our Energy 101 pages. For crossing requests, please contact Electric Crossing Requests. For oil/industrial field requests, please contact a representative for key accounts: or call 1-800-668-2248. Any omission, error or recommendation for future updates regarding the following documents should be forwarded to [email protected].

COVID-19 Update: Alberta One-Call (AOC) experiences a large number of location requests that can cause delays in customers who have located their underground utilities. We appreciate your patience right now. If you need to move a high load, contact our High Load Move coordinator at 1-855-277-1670. For more information, visit our „High Load Moves“ section. Customer service centre opening times: Monday – Friday, .m 8 to 5.m. Call or click before digging, planting trees or building a bridge in your yard: all forms are up to date from December 2013, unless a new review date is indicated in the document. Any request for customer data requires customer authorization via the authorization and sharing form. 5302 Forand St. S.W. Calgary, Alberta, Canada T3E 8B4 Do you plant a tree? Build a bridge or fence? Digging a pond? Did you know that you will have to find your services underground in front of the ditch? Hitting an underground pipeline can have serious consequences, such as losing natural gas service to your home and neighbourhood (goodbye to heat and hot water), paying for repairs, and serious injury to yourself, your family or others.