Traduction De Confidentiality Agreement

An NDA-non-of-information Agreement in confidentiality and data protection. The NDA guarantees privacy and data protection. How do I resume my translations in the vocabulary coach? Do you want to add words, phrases or translations? NDA comes from the English non-disclosure agreement and means in French a confidentiality agreement. It is a contract between two or more entities, in which the various contractors undertake to treat in a strictly confidential manner certain important information exchanged and/or disclosed as part of a joint project. This contract can therefore be one-sided or reciprocal. The confidentiality agreement thus protects information that is not protected by nature, such as. B patents or copyrights. Therefore, the protection of secret data can be contractually regulated by the NDA. For the company, it may be strategic or sensitive data, which may be legal, commercial, accounting or other, but must be transmitted during negotiations.

The NDA thus guarantees public non-opening and thus replaces the insertion of a confidentiality clause in a B2B contract. Summary NDA Meaning NDA NDA-Translation NDA-synonym NDA NDA meaning NDA comes from the English non-disclosure agreement and means in French an undying agreement. It`s about… Translation plays a huge role in the Legal and Administrative fields. Lawyers work in extremely diverse areas and this requests specialization. The same applies to Legal translators who are required to master not only the specialist language but the translation issues too. Warning: Words from the vocabulary list are only available from this Web browser. Once this list is copied into your vocabulary trainer, it will be available everywhere. . Legal translation allows us to act as a partner to barristers, lawyers and administrative heads in our translation work. Legal and administrative translation requires us to research terminological terms and comparative law to make the legal principles of one country match the other.

. External experts invited to a hearing must sign a confidentiality agreement. At Dialinguo, we emphasize our experience of working in the Legal field which helps us to communicate and translate a very wide range of documents, such as: An NDA is a contract that binates two entities that commits to respecting the secrecy regarding certain information. It can be reciprocal or one-sided.